Become your own counsellor and life coach,
layman-style in just 8 hours or less
Are you READY to get your life MOVING FORWARD??
Get access to this incredible online course at the introductory price of $47 (normally $247!)
Is life getting you down or becoming overwhelming?
Would you like to RISE ABOVE IT, redirect your life and learn what it takes to overcome your OWN life’s challenges in as easy as 1,2,3 now AND in the future?

Do you want to know HOW TO navigate life obstacles and be able to turn your life around when it gets tough?

If you are a mother, a teacher, a coach, a leader or a business woman then you are a role model and know you influence others whether positively or negative, and you want that influence to be positive and empowering, is that right?

We are talking about gaining priceless LIFE SKILLS you will use over and over again.

Do you find yourself repeating patterns throughout your life?

Are you ready to break the cycle and make a better life for yourself and those affected by the quality of your choices?

Is it time you put yourself first long enough to gain a few life changing skills that you’ll have for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

If so come learn skills and tools that are effective and designed exclusively for women and the way our female brain processes what happens to us and around us.
What You will Learn:
  • Learn what it takes to believe and trust in yourself Because a belief is a ‘knowing’ of truth deep within you, changing them is not as easy as affirmations because the same mind that’s believing the limiting belief cannot see itself as wrong.
  • Discover who you REALLY areBeneath all the layers of self doubt, the masks of being ‘a good girl’ and the need to please others all the time and leave yourself unhappy and last in the process.
  • Master your own life on purpose It's not up to anyone else to take responsibility for our choices from this moment forward and therefore happiness, only we ourselves can do this. Learn what that takes and HOW TO DO IT.
4 Complete Online Video Training Modules.
This Course was (and is valued at) $247, yours now for just $47

"These are the EXACT same skills that took me from a destitute unemployed check-out operator, abused single mother of 4, no passport, living on the pension for more than 6 years to earning in excess of $2MILLION DOLLARS, moving my family into a 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool and traveling the globe 26 times in 14 years, currently with 3 thriving businesses"   "IF I CAN, YOU CAN TOO!!!"

Your Trainer, 
Maz (Marylin) Schirmer
Founding Director of Institute of Women International
  • ANY woman who is ready to turn her life around and willing to do simple exercises
  • Women suffering emotional turmoil and know they can’t keep it up
  • Women overwhelmed and feeling ‘stuck’ but wanting to get motivated
  • Have tried various self-development courses etc.. and wondered why they didn’t work long term for you (even if it was hundreds of books or tens of thousands of dollars in courses)
  • You want to break the cycle or pattern of your life’s struggles, yes you’ve realised bad stuff happens to you and you’ve had enough
  • You are fed up with your ‘lot in life’ and want to understand exactly what you ARE in control of in life and what you are NOT so you can focus on the right aspects to change and not waste your life away doing what you can’t change anyway
  • Want to be a powerfully positive influence to everyone in your surroundings throughout life, especially children or those who look up to you
  • Don’t want to be a negative influence and bring others down all the time
  • Values education and realises ‘affordable’ doesn’t mean ‘lacks value’ and therefore will commit to every module, as this course is valued at $247. It’s only $47 because we are trying to make it accessible by more women.
  • Women who insist they have no control over their reactions to life events  and view themselves as a product of their story
  • Women who don’t value education as a vital component to breaking a cycle
  • Women who consider their circumstances are 100% out of their control and that they have never made bad choices in life at all
  • Any woman wearing an illness ‘label’ like a badge of honour or who tells their story to gain sympathy and if given empowering tools wouldn’t use them due to wanting to ‘sort of’ keep their problem instead because it gives them attention, even if it’s negative
  • Women who ‘know it all’ indocrinated into an educational model where there is no room for ‘outside’ information to enter their minds
  • Women who’ve been told they NEED this course and come against their own desire to WANT to participate. It MUST be your decision
Maz, thank you for sharing this valuable information in your Turn Your Life Around in 8 Hours or Less course. I found it inspiring, thought-provoking, yet gently revealing, and overall empowering for us gals to take action to “break the cycle.” I am looking forward to implementing these strategies. The beauty also is your encouragement to share this information to those we care about so we can become the best we can be while encourage others to do the same so we can be more harmonious and happy. Let’s spread it like wild fire!!”


Thanks Maz, …… I’m grateful our paths have crossed & I’m looking forward to my future ….. You truly are amazing x”

Geneine Janicska

“Thank you for the many lovely reminders. Always great to hear them over and over again, and in different words and tools. Our situations continually shift, and with them our perception, insights and understandings. These work like a rudder keeping us true to ourselves. Again, thank you.”


“Thanks Maz, and yes there is always something new to learn, to refresh and remind us of what will need to do to keep empowering ourselves.”

Maria Noble-Hayes

“Thank you Maz that was truly Amazing. So empowering and easy to implement.”

Kylie Stretton

“I already feel much more powerful. Maz, you are a great teacher, a great motivator and now I can pass this on to my grown up daughters so they can make a positive change too. Thank you x”

Paula Isgrove

“Thank you for sharing this interactive and interesting course with us. You have reminded me to be the best me I can be and to love myself (my inner child) as unconditionally as I do others. Thanks for sharing your strategies for improving womens’ lives. You ROCK!”

 Chrissie Sullivan

“Maz, You are such an inspiration I just feel the warmth eminating through. I am really loving your videos, talks etc.Keep up the FANTASTIC MOTIVATION/INSPIRATIONAL WORK. Thank you you are AMAZING and we love you.”

Helen O’Toole

 Complete Online Training Modules. This Course was (and is valued at) $247, yours now for just $47

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