Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos

Founder and Director of Moms & More in The Netherlands


Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos is the founder and director of Moms&More in The Netherlands. As the very first Creatrix® Facilitator and Women's Transformologist® in Europe, she is passionate to make ambitious moms happy again with themselves and their lives. Furthermore, she is certified NLP Master Practitioner, and has completed several courses aimed at personal and intuitive development. She is a respected speaker and author of the book "Juggling Kids and a Career, A Practical Guide for Working Mothers".

We as women may have read a dozen self-help books, followed numerous courses and trainings to improve our balance. However, why are many of us still so very stuck, feeling often so insecure, frustrated and guilty? Because we are women! And we are wired differently than men (nothing new here right :-))

So it's high time to have a method uniquely for us women! And to release us from all that shit that blocks us and that makes us impatient with our kids, frustrated with our partners and unhappy with our lives.

And not only for ourselves, but also for our next generations, we have the responsibility to do something about that, to stop being victims!With Creatrix® we have finally the quick and lasting solution that really works for us women, and that allows us to stop surviving and start living!

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