Wife, mother and grandmother.


I am a wife, mother of 3 daughters, grandmother to 4 granddaughters and a grandson.  I have spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world, a large part of that time has also been working in and with emergency services and as a professional fire fighter.

"I feel very privileged to have been able to be on this journey with Marylin."

It has always been a natural inclination to want to protect and help people.  I started this journey with Marylin nearly 10 years ago and watched and worked with her as she turned her dream of helping women break free of suppression, crippling negative emotions and strong limiting beliefs, into reality with the launch of the IOWI.  Even more exciting was the privilege of being able to witness first hand, Creatrix® as Marylin helped woman after woman be emotionally free of all their "baggage".

With the female gene so strong in my family (4 generations of girls), Creatrix® is such an important and vital process to enable cycles of negative emotion to be broken. I have personally experienced Creatrix® and to be rid of all that negative emotion I had carried with me as a result of some pretty intense experiences over the years, well the release was just incredible. To have such a level of clarity and just to feel relaxed after so many years of being tense and hyper vigilant. To have all those thoughts quiet instead of the constant thinking and analysing, I knew I had to help get the word out to women, I want every woman to know that Creatrix®, the IOWI and the courses offered by the Institute of Women International are like no other and specifically and uniquely for women.

I feel very privileged to have been able to be on this journey with Marylin. It started with one woman, with her and now we have all these beautiful Facilitators who have trained with the IOWI, who now possess the skills to help other women. I am so proud and honoured to be an Ambassador of the Institute of Women International.

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