These women each spread the mission of needing to get more Qualified Women's Transformologists® out to the world. They believe that more Facilitators means we can breakthrough more women's limitations and suppression faster and create a monumental legacy of healing a planet of women feeling 'not good enough'. Creatrix®, our female formulated breakthrough process and our company is entirely built for the woman in all her glory and we are doing something about the epidemic of women not living in their true power and we are doing something about it and inviting women to be a part of the solution and join us. Meet the women who spread the word as Ambassadors without any personal gain and for the great good!

Maria McGrath

Maria McGrath
Women’s Breakthrough Transformologist™ Creatrix® Facilitator and Group Creatrix® Facilitator


Maria is a small town country girl, in her fabulous forties. After a decade of struggling with emotional turmoil she discovered the Institute of Women International, and after receiving an amazing life transformation, became a licenced Women’s Breakthrough Transformologist™, Creatrix® Facilitator and Group Creatrix® Facilitator.  Her business, Restore Balance and Harmony, is all about helping other women release past painful negative emotions, and limiting beliefs from their core, as she did, to bring quick, organic, painless and permanent change to their lives. Maria is passionate and dedicated to helping women live a life of empowerment and fulfilment.

Before I found Creatrix®, I was in a deep dark pit of despair, grieving the fact that I had not had children, and at 40 may never experience the joy of motherhood, which had been my only goal in life from the age of 12. My grief had become a physical pain that had me curled up on the floor most every day, crying, and struggling to find the will to go on.  I did not believe that anything short of giving birth would heal the hole in my heart.

Creatrix® is not just a process, but a solution to hundreds of emotional issues, grief, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, hurt, hate, resentment, fear, frustration, to name just a few, and limiting beliefs like “I’m not enough”. It is a life changer for every women who experiences it.

There were no words, no pills, no processes that helped to give me hope or make me feel better in any way. That was until I found Creatrix® which released all my pain and sadness, and feelings of somehow not being a “real women” if I didn’t have kids. Creatrix® gave me peace! It gave me strength and courage, and a new joy for living. And now 4 years later, I still cannot describe this peace in my heart, only to say that I’m content and happy with where I am, what I have, and what I am doing with my life. I have a passion and enthusiasm for life, and I know without any doubt, that if I hadn’t found Creatix®, I may not have survived to tell you this today.

This is why I’m so passionate and feel it’s so important to get the word out to all the women of world, how amazing and transformational the process of CREATRIX® is. To bring peace and joy, strength, purpose, calm and clarity to women who are also struggling with any kind of emotional pain, past or present, and allow them to release endless mind chatter and crippling blocks, so they can live a life without limitations!

As a licenced Creatrix® Facilitator, I am part of a community of strong, intelligent, focused, kind and compassionate women, who have all been on their own journey, through pain and struggles, to find their way to Creatrix®, and a better life. We all wanted to feel more, be more, to do more and in turn give more back. We all support and encourage each other, we share our stories, knowledge and experiences to help each other succeed and to bring change and empowerment to women. This is the heart and soul of IOWI.

Being an ambassador for the Institute Of Women International is a massive honour, one that I take very seriously. I am proud and excited to be chosen to help spread this message of empowerment, and create a revolution, where by helping one women, we can transform a family, and have positive energy and knowledge flow through to entire communities.


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