Discover the WORLD'S FIRST female-formulated breakthrough solution for coaches and therapists, designed FOR women BY a woman. Set your clients free FAST and FOR GOOD with a MONEY BACK guarantee on the OUTCOME!
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What's in the course?
Here's what you get:
  •  6 days of elite face-to-face training with no more than 11 other students
  •  Hands-on training to confidently break 8 women through
  •  Certification as a Creatrix® Transformologist®
  •  The rights to use our 5 star branding, logos and seal of authentication
  •  Listed as a registered Creatrix® Transformologist® on our website (giving you added credibility)
  •  Qualify for insurance and registration with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies)
  •  Licensing rights to use the world’s most powerful breakthrough tool for women
  •  Be able to offer 1-on-1 outcome based breakthroughs (zero expense setup costs)
  •  Idiot-proof, ready-to-action, step-by-step business tools
  •  Potential to earn $hundreds/hour by taking on clients who are READY TO PAY YOU and do what it takes, because they are THAT pro-active about changing for the better that they will do whatever it takes. We’ll even teach you to screen and test for secondary gain so you CAN guarantee your results
  •  Templates, scripts, checklists, handouts, charts and assessment tools all GIVEN to you, ready to go. We’ve done the work FOR YOU so you can focus on doing what you love and start immediately!
  •  Learn how to pre-assess and screen clients to be able to offer a RESULTS BASED money-back guarantee for your work
  •  Learn to be a group presenter, able to deliver transformational, empowering and educational events to women.
  •  Your own Creatrix® breakthrough to remove your money, success and confidence blocks, leaving you 100% primed to succeed!
  •  An incredible 16 week ONLINE course featuring videos and training by Maz Schirmer herself, how has earned big $$$ in the industry over 23 years (see below for full inclusions)
  •  A unique ongoing mentorship model where women who are 1, 2, 3 or 4 steps ahead of you and making up to $90k in their first year as a facilitator are available to you for help and guidance
  •  Year-round SUPPORT & EDUCATION
  •  3 months license – we include this as a bonus in the course fee, and FYI: Most facilitators earn back their course fee within the first 3 months!
  •  You become one of a select and exclusive online group of licensed CREATRIX® Transformologists®
  •  Train in a beautiful retreat-like environment with like-minded women. We take our course ‘experience’ seriously and we create an environment that is perfect for learning, sharing & inspiring
  •  Morning & afternoon tea plus lunch every day
  •  A girls night out at the end of the course (offered in 2017 ONLY!) – enjoy a 5 star dinner experience with your newfound mentors and friends-for-life!
  •  EXTRA BONUS – You get FREE Creatrix® sessions as long as you remain licensed all year round
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Graduate Success Stories
200 women set free with 
Bree's 100% online business
Robina's $90k in her first year as a Creatrix® Transformologist!
Witness 25 years of sadness gone in 16 minutes 
(LIVE Creatrix® Demonstration)
About Maz
Marilyn Schirmer or "Maz" as her friends call her. Her story truly redefines "rags to riches". And here's why...

After spending the first 30 years of her life in domestic violence, going through a sexually abusive childhood and experiencing countless horrendous acts forced upon her as a single mother of 4 children... unfathomably rose to the TOP! Becoming #1 in a fortune 500 company (throughout 10 countries) during the GFC, when over 1 million other women had the same chance, Maz not only broke most of the companies records but still holds most of those records to this day! 

Why was she #1 you ask?

She specialised in creating the MOST amount of SUCCESSFUL FEMALE LEADERS in the history of the company! (And that's not something you do by accident) She had a gift. Which was soon named "the Maz factor"... which ended up the title of her first book.

Training 10,000 women a year around the world, Maz learned a thing or two about how to do SMART business and transform a woman's life from the ground up. She was notorious for being a RENEGADE and NOT following the party line because as she says in her words, "I'm so lazy! I didn't want to do it the hard way so I had to find the quickest way between point A and B. And that's Creatrix®!". Maz is ALL about SOLUTIONS. OUTCOME. RESULTS. And THAT is why she was #1.

Her mad passion for creating the most successfully empowered business women in the world led her on a journey unpacking a history of a gender, researching what was behind the "research", exploring female psychology, biology, neurology, and all the other -ologies she could find, experimenting with dozens of modalities until EVENTUALLY... well... that's the secret of her success ;) Creatrix® was born!
Maz never shies away from group photos with the girls!
Showing off her aMAZing Creatrix® Course Trainers!
Maz's Story
How does CREATRIX® work??
Have a look at other WOMEN have to say!
"This is the missing piece."
Often, a new tool or method can be overwhelming to learn but after over 11,000 hours of face-to-face experience with clients in various modalities (including clinical psychology), it's no surprise that Katy describes Creatrix® as the "missing piece" and "any woman can do this". "To me, it's very liberating for women."
Former Psychologist Explains Creatrix® Experience
"It's NOTHING like ANYTHING I have EVER experienced."
After searching for around the world, many of the women at courses have already have a toolbox full of modalities and done DOZENS of different courses and workshops just looking for that ONE THING that causes TRUE, DEEP transformation... they all have one thing in common when they say "This is the missing piece. It just ties it all together!"
Women around the world explain their Creatrix® experience!
"It's so SIMPLE... that amazed me the most"
A lot of the tools we've all tried is like pushing sh*t uphill TRYING to make them work. Hit and miss. Which tool to use for what... AGH! And we CAN'T be 100% confident in the OUTCOME for clients! Creatrix® is ONE TOOL for ALL BLOCKS. FULL STOP. "Simple, Painless, Easy, Instant, Long-term"
But does it stick? Ask Kim!
"How could you NOT want to share this with AS MANY women as POSSIBLE???"
Not only is it an AMAZING process for women but to be a facilitator of the process is just SO rewarding. To WATCH a client RELEASED of blocks that have been holding them down for LIFE! "This is a gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving."
How will you feel after your FIRST Creatrix®?
"This is such an EXTRAORDINARY program for WOMEN"
Designed FOR women BY a woman! This course has been designed 100% WOMAN. There's never been a more FEMININE and EMPOWERING course that is PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE without losing the focus and balance of what it means to be a WOMAN in flow with her inner femininity! 
"You're just taking the layers off and getting down to the real you."
Why did Liz fly all the way from NZ?
"It's the best thing I've ever done for myself"
Why do dozens of courses when you can just do ONE!? Not only do you get the worlds most transformational tool for women but you walk away with business training, year round support, and mentoring in an online group with all our international facilitators! "Just come to this one first and you'll get everything you need."
How long does Creatrix® last?
"It's the best thing I've ever done for myself."
You've tried other courses, you've been searching and searching... and SEARCHING! We know! (Because we've also been there) That's why Maz has put EVERYTHING in ONE PLACE so you'll  have the support you need to empower women for a living and never have to do another course! "Seriously, just come to this one first and you'll get everything you need."
Creatrix® Program Reviews: Australia
"It's beyond what you can imagine."
Now running courses out of the Netherlands, we are training women in dutch and these women are DYNAMIC! Creatrix® facilitators around the world (7 countries now) are ALL connected and support each other online in a massive group of sisterhood and year round support. "It's a complete course. You can start tomorrow if you like."
Creatrix® Program Reviews: Europe
What do women think of the course?

Melinda Kitto

Writer, Coach, Speaker - Penny Dropper
Lives in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


"You've blown me away! You are an absolute deadset f** legendary GENIUS. I’ll be the first to admit I underestimated you but you’ve blown me away!"

Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos

Company Owner at Moms & More
Lives in Overveen, Netherlands


"There is no other method available in the world like this. Its innovative with the Epigenitics concept. Two months after this course I have a waiting list of clients and I haven't even had to advertise yet!"

Tonia Krebs

Action and Accountability Coach
Lives Moss Vale, NSW, Australia.


“Creatrix® had TOTALLY changed my life and my husband recognizes that. Absolute best value I have EVER invested in myself. I’m absolutely LOVING helping women break through their blockages and move forward with a peaceful heart. I’m reinvigorated and have clarity on my purpose. ”

Ari Powell

Direct Selling Leader
Lives Batsman's Bay, Tasmania, Australia


"Amazing stuff! I no longer feel like a fraud because I'm trying to help others when I myself was stuck. I'm free of my blocks and helping women more readily."

Are you ready to
In Women's Lives?
CREATRIX® Transformologist® Course is the ULTIMATE and COMPLETE empowerment course for WOMEN and the FINAL missing piece you've been looking for!
Creatrix® is the 'COMPLETE success solution' that is FAST transforming the lives of countless women worldwide.

Can you imagine giving women the right tools, support and education to get them REAL RESULTS, set them free and TRULY achieve their dreams - at will?

This is your chance to take advantage of the only scientifically backed 'results-based' formula designed uniquely FOR WOMEN that's making psychologists and other leading neurologists green with envy!
How Maz DISCOVERED her secrets!
10 Reasons Why the CREATRIX® System is so Powerful:
Easy to do
Painless (even fun)
Long lasting
Immediately effective
Stop endless head chatter
Change sabotaging beliefs
Transform thoughts for an ongoing amazing life
Proven way to become more confident and stay that way!
Be a REAL leader in your field and get transformational and lasting results for your clients
MORE women share!
10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
What is CREATRIX®?
It's the worlds most transformational tool for women's emotional and mental well-being designed BY a woman FOR women.
It's the worlds most transformational tool for women's emotional and mental well-being designed BY a woman FOR women.
Is accommodation included?
No, but we get you exclusive discounts at corporate rates and we can connect you with other course attendees to room-share. Don't worry, we'll let you know all your options on the call! We've got you covered ;)
Where is the course held?
1. Sunshine Coast, Australia
2. Netherlands
What's the license for?
The license is for the intellectual property rights for use of CREATRIX® and the complete business toolset. You also get to use Institute Of Women International trademarks, website listing in authorised facilitator database, attend an annual retreat, regular updated tools, year round CREATRIX®, 100+ training videos over 16 weeks, ongoing online group support, mentorship and guidance... the list goes on!
Will it be my own business? Is this a franchise or direct selling structure?
You have full control over your own business and we do not take commission. We help you integrate the tool and business model into your existing structure or boost what you're already doing. 
Why is it so expensive?
It's impossible to believe this when you understand the return on your investment and when you've experienced it! There's a reason why most students say they've got their moneys worth by day 2 of the 6 days. It's common for us to hear students valuation at being $30,000+ in value. Most people cannot comprehend the amount of value that is possible to receive in 6 days. This is AT LEAST 5 courses in ONE.... PLUS you're receiving 4 MONTHS worth weekly action training with Maz Schirmer HERSELF! It's INCONCEIVABLE how much value is in this course... The 4 months online training is worth more than the investment of the course and it's a BONUS! Can you IMAGINE how much you're going to get in the 6 days??? Not to mention the YEARS of searching, time, energy, money wasted trying to find a complete package. IT'S ALL HERE!!!
Are meals included?
Hey! Women are running this show! Of COURSE there's food included! Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided every day.
Why must I go through Creatrix® first myself if I just want to help my clients?
Particularly and most importantly because your energy as a facilitator effects the quality of the results you are able to achieve for clients! Also it’s possible you could have blockages or beliefs not supporting your own personal highest potential to your own business success, therefore women you could have helped don’t ever get it.

We will continue to treat you to Creatrix® while licensed at no cost as well.
Is this a form of hypnosis, Timeline Therapy™ or NLP?
No. In the words of most of the women that come to our courses "Creatrix® is NOTHING like ANYTHING I have EVER experienced."
But is it REALLY possible to get FAST results for deep, emotional issues for women?
Well, consider the invention of the telephone and the revolution it created, they could now send and receive a message in less than 1 second vs a paper envelope that took a month on horseback! Creatrix® is THAT new technology, that is DISRUPTING the mental health and self development industry. Just because people have been driving a horse and cart for centuries, doesn't mean a ferrari won't work ;)
Want to feel THIS passionate about what you do??
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